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Welcome at Le Mas de Canteperdrix


Since the beginning of the corona-pandemic, we have been asking ourselves the question: how can we provide a real vacation to our guests in all safety?  We are still waiting for the official guidelines of the government, but in the mean while we have already created our own engagement against covid19. The following guidelines are being followed since the 11th of May 2020, day on which we could reopen our doors to tourists after the lockdown.  



A garden of 1.3 acres, a private parking for about 7

 cars, rooms of 15 to 25 square meters, two living rooms of 35 square meters each… We have enough space to let you enjoy your holidays while respecting the social distancing.  

The cleaning of the rooms


All of our rooms are ventilated, cleaned and disinfected. One of our priorities has always been an impeccable hygiene and in the current circumstances this idea has only been reinforced. We take care of a thorough cleaning of the rooms ourselves. Since the end of 2019, we can ask the help of an independent cleaning lady if the period is too busy to do everything ourselves. Rooms will not only be cleaned, but will also be disinfected with bleach or with a hydro-alcohol-solution or with cleaning products that are conform to the norm EN14476. During cleaning we are wearing a mask and disposable gloves.   

The linen


We wash our linen ourselves on high temperatures during a long cycle. We iron the linen with steam.  In busy periodes we bring some of the linen to the laundry of Mazan. To reduce the chance of contamination, we have taken away part of the decorative pillows out of the rooms. Our laundry room is organised in this way that each room has its own laundry bin. The fresh linen doesn’t enter the room before the room is totally cleaned and disinfected. We also want to make clear that the offered piece of soap is an individual portion that is renewed with each new guest!  

The common areas


The common areas are very regularly cleaned and disinfected. We take especially care of the handles, switches, remotes and the common toilet. Please disinfect the hands of your children before they start playing with the toys and games! In all the common areas, we offer you hydro-alcohol solution to disinfect your hands and paper towels

Your arrival


Most of your documents will be sent to you by mail. You can pay by wired transfer or by creditcard, if you prefer that. We still like to give you a personal welcome but we will be wearing a mask. Please don’t take out your luggage immediately at your arrival. We would be grateful if you would first take a little moment to do the tour of the house with us, so we can explain you which measures we have put in place to take care of your health and that of the other guests. The keys of your room will be disinfected and will be put ont the door of your room. If the weather is good, we will leave one entry door and one exit door opened during the day.  



We have had so many wonderful comments on our copious and delicious breakfast buffet! In the current circumstances we want to offer you as much choice but with a minimal risk of contamination. That is why we have established our breakfast form, on which you can indicate what you would like to eat the next morning! In our garden we have enough tables and parasols to respect the social distancing for everyone. And even if weather doesn’t permit to eat outside, we have rearranged our dining rooms so that each room can have its own table, at more than 1 meter of the others.  

Your health


In the village of Mazan (at 10 minutes walking) there are two pharmacies and several doctors.  A list of the doctors on duty is available at the information desk in the dining room. Our family doctor works in Carpentras and speaks French, Dutch and English. The nearest hospital is in Carpentras at 11 km.  

The swimming pool


The sunbeds are provided with a coloured tag with the name of your room.  We would appreciate it if you would use the chairs that belong to your room, to reduce the chance on contamination. In 2019 we have fully renewed the liner of the pool.The water is treated with chlorine. The filter system has also been changed in 2019. At the entrance of the pool you will also find hydro-alcohol solution. A solar shower has been installed next to the pool.

Mazan and environment


The lockdown has certainly given us the opportunity to discover our own village in the heart of the Vaucluse, at the bottom of the Mount Ventoux!  We have collected a lot of information for our guests! All this information has been classified in plastic folders and in themed files:  « Provence by bike », « Provence for hikers» « Wine » “ Action » et « Take it easy ». Thanks for disinfecting your hands before consulting the information. 

What to eat?


If we are allowed to, we offer our « table d’hôtes » (experience diners) 3 times a week. Our menus are based on local products.  We also suggest you to taste our Provençal  tapasplate! If one big cosy table wouldn’t be possible any more, we can arrange that each room disposes of its own table at more than 1 meter of the others. During service we will be wearing a mask.   

For the other evenings or if the circumstances don’t allow us to organise our table d’hôtes, we gladly work together with the local restaurants of Mazan. We can make a reservation for you or we can order one of their take away offers!  In that case you can eat in our garden of in our dining room. Pizza, Pitta, Vietnamese or a full menu based on local provençal products… Please let us know what you would like to eat, and we will arrange that for you!   

You can use our small summer kitchen to prepare a small dish or a salad! We would like to ask you to clean up the kitchen after use. There is detergent, handsoap and disinfecting solution available in the kitchen. For hygienic reason we don’t conserve aliments for our clients. We sell drinks at reasonable prices. Each room can indicate on its own list which drinks they have used. The dishes that are used for breakfast, for the table d’hôtes and in the summer kitchen are washed in the dishwasher or by hand at high temperatures, in long cycle.  

Your departure


At your departure, you can pay by credit card if you wish. The payment terminal will be disinfected before and after each use.  

Cancellation policy


If your stay has to be cancelled because of corona regulations, we will offer you a voucher of the amount that you have payed. This voucher will be valid for 18 months.

However, if your cancellation is not due to covid 19 ( or you are ill yourself, or there are new regulations that defend you to travel for covid19-reasons) the cancellation policy of our general terms will be applied!     


Last update on the 11th of May 2020. The content of this document might be adapted from time to time...